Solariz Green Power offers a broad range of standalone ‘Solar Power Packs’ for homes as well as commercial establishments. The system provides electricity as an independent power source with highest efficiency and operational reliability.

The solar power pack consists of Solar PV modules, batteries, Solar inverter
cum charge controller and suitable hard-ware, inter connecting cables etc.
They can operate a wide range of DC and AC products.


  • High efficiency solar modules in the system ensure Optimum throughput.
  • Home PV systems are complete, fully integrated systems designed to power conventional residential and commercial loads requiring 230V,1- Φ or 440V, 3-Φ.
  • Home PV system can conveniently be installed on flat or slanted roof tops, ground mounted.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • One Year Free maintenance services of the system in addition to the manufacturer’s product warranties.


  • Home PV system provide safe and reliable supply irrespective of availability of grid supply with two days autonomy.
  • The Battery bank that serves as energy storage is designed for deep cycle operation for extended life in solar applications.
  • The Mounting Hardware and support structures are strong and yet lightweight and corrosion resistant for harsh marine or severe weather locations.


System standard warranty: One year from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date of supply, whichever is earlier.

Customized solutions: Can be provided on request.

Loads : Standard power consumption of electrical and electronics appliances can be provided on request


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